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Mission Statement

TCE's mission is to develop hearts, minds, and lives for the future!




Tracy City Elementary School was initially called Shook School named after James K. Shook.
The total cost for the completed structure was $39,700. The single men of Tracy City paid fifty
cents per month, and the married men one dollar per month to keep the school in operation for
the full nine months required. All company employees had to contribute this amount of money
whether or not they had children. When Tracy City was incorporated in 1915, this type of
funding was abandoned and state and local funds were used.
Shook School was first organized as a grammar school by Rev. E. J. McCroskey, who was
principal for four years. During this period there were two graduating classes: one in 1892,
consisting of three members; another in 1893, consisting of seven.
In August of 1894, Rev. W. G. Dillon became the principal. Through his efforts, the school was
reorganized on a basis of ten grades. After ten years of faithful service, Professor Dillon
declined a re-election. Mr. Waggoner replaced Dillon the first half of 1904, Mr. Vincent, the
second. In 1905, J. D. Northcutt became principal and served for six years, at the expiration of
which time Rev. Dillon again took charge and continued in office until his death in 1917. This
term was finished by Rev. Wilson. Other early principals were: W. E. Lumley, three years; S. D.
Maddux, one year; J. M. Conry, two years; and A.E. Sherrod who was principal in 1925.
In the early years, the school housed grades 1st through 8th, but in 1893, 9th and 10th grades
were added. Grade eleven was added in 1915. By 1920, James K. Shook had the full twelve year
program, the only high school in Grundy County. In 1928-29, Grundy County High was
operating at its Tracy City location, and Shook School returned to its original status of grades 1st
through 8th.
James K. Shook School was largely destroyed at the hand of an arsonist on the morning of May
22, 1976. For a time, classes continued to be held at the site in portable classrooms and at the
Shook Annex, formerly Plainview School, until a new facility could be constructed. In 1980, the
new Tracy City Elementary School was completed and continues to serve the students of Tracy
City. In 2018, Mrs. Melissa Tipton became the principal of Tracy City Elementary School and
houses 330 students in grades Pre-K through 8th grades.